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Electric + eCCPM Bundle

3 Series Combo
6 DVD set
Save $7

  • Electric Helicopters & eCCPM (V7-9)
  • Helicopters 101-1001 (V4-5)
  • Blade Building & Balancing (V6)

This bundle is designed for anyone who wants to get started with an electric helicopter with 3 servo collective (eCCPM).


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Volume 7-9: Electric + eCCPM features electric helicopters with 3 servo collective (eCCPM). Starting with bench setup, building tips, then field tuning, understand the "whys" behind model helicopters.

Volume 4-5: Helicopters 101-1001 focuses on the tools, theory, and equipment needed to perfect your hobby.

Volume 6: Blade Building & Balancing outlines 4 methods for perfecting blade balance. From simple drinking glasses to advanced balance tools, this series is a must have for a perfectly smooth flight.


  • T-Rex 450
  • Specktrum DX6 & DX7
  • Raptor 50

Best of the Best!

I am flying 450 helis and I decided to buy Ray's Authoritative DVD Series Volumes 7-9 to see what I could learn from him. All I can say is, "They are the Best of the Best." God bless all readers of this testimonial!!!
I am SMR!

Samar Gutierrez

Tremendous Value

The first and last series are of such TREMENDOUS value that that I just gotta have the ones in the middle!

Rhino Schmidt

No more secrets!

At the beginning, many heli issues and behaviors were a secret, only explained and fixed by advanced guys. Now I can build my own kits reliably and I can expect professional performance out of them. Ray's DVDs must be included in all heli kits sold!

Mauricio Garcia