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Nitro + eCCPM Bundle

3 Series Combo
6 DVD set
Save $7

  • Nitro Helicopters & eCCPM (V10-12)
  • Helicopters 101-1001 (V4-5)
  • Blade Building & Balancing (V6)

This bundle is designed for anyone who wants to get started with a nitro helicopter with 3 servo collective (eCCPM).


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Volume 10-12: Nitro + eCCPM features nitro helicopters with 3 servo collective (eCCPM). Starting with bench setup, building tips, then field tuning, this series will get you from a new kit to first flight in a jiffy.

Volume 4-5: Helicopters 101-1001 focuses on the tools, theory, and equipment needed to perfect your hobby.

Volume 6: Blade Building & Balancing outlines 4 methods for perfecting blade balance. From simple drinking glasses to advanced balance tools, this series is a must have for a perfectly smooth flight.


  • T-Rex 600N
  • Futaba 10C Radio
  • Raptor 50

I've learned so much!!

Just want to drop you an email to say how much I enjoyed your videos. I've only viewed one of them and I've learned so much!! Definitely like having a heli expert walk me through setting up my T-Rex & DX7. In my last email I was going to go with the x9303, but decided to save money and get the DX7. Your step-by-step programming of the DX7 alone was worth the $50.
I'm spreading the word about your videos to the guys at the local AMA field. Best of luck with your products!
I'll be back soon to buy more of your DVD sets.

Kraig Sederquist


Just finished viewing your DVD series. AWESOME!!! I am a computer simulator flyer and this info is great. Thanks for your help and again thanks for putting out your DVD series. I am telling everyone at the field they should order their own copies.

David Reed

Brilliant DVD Series

Thank you so much for your brilliant DVD series. I would pay 10 times the asking price for these teaching materials.

Warren Pettit