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Nitro + mCCPM Bundle

3 Series Combo
6 DVD set
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  • Nitro Helicopters & mCCPM (V1-3)
  • Helicopters 101-1001 (V4-5)
  • Blade Building & Balancing (V6)

This bundle is designed for anyone who wants to get started with a nitro helicopter with single servo collective (mCCPM).


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Volume 1-3: Nitro + mCCPM features electric helicopters with single servo collective (mCCPM). Starting with bench setup, building tips, then field tuning; step-by-step instruction.

Volume 4-5: Helicopters 101-1001 focuses on the tools, theory, and equipment needed to perfect your hobby.

Volume 6: Blade Building & Balancing outlines 4 methods for perfecting blade balance. From simple drinking glasses to advanced balance tools, this series is a must have for a perfectly smooth flight.


  • "Classic" Raptor 50
  • JR 9303 Radio

Thank you! Thank You!

I bought your book. Also the 1st edition. Upon other peoples, advise I bought the JR 9303. I had wanted a Raptor, and boom, I got one with $800.00 worth of stuff just days ago. The poor fella was just overwhelmed with the complexity.I was thinking the same thing could happen to me. Not now. Your book is great. Your DVD is great. I can hardly wait for your next one. Thank you! Thank You!

Thomas Krupa

Excellent Series!

Finally got a chance to finish a first run through your DVD series. Excellent! (I can see though, that I've got a lot to learn!) This series will be a great help in setting up my Venture and JR 8103. I've also bought a used T-Rex and was giving some consideration to getting a Spectrum DX-6 radio to run it on. Now, after seeing your radio setup, I can't imagine how anyone could make 3-point throttle and pitch curves work! Thanks again for a great series!

Ray Dosh

Thanks A Lot!

Ray, I just got into helis. I purchased the 9303 from JR and was needing a lot of help and then I found your DVD series. Thanks a lot!

Joe Smith