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7 Series Combo
18 DVD set
The Book (Paperback)
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  • Nitro Helicopters & mCCPM (V1-3)
  • Helicopters 101-1001 (V4-5)
  • Blade Building & Balancing (V6)
  • Electric Helicopters & eCCPM (V7-9)
  • Nitro Helicopters & eCCPM (V10-12)
  • Let's Autorotate! (V13-14)
  • Flybarless Helicopters (V15-18)
  • Shop & Field Companion (Paperback)


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Volume 1-3: Nitro + mCCPM features electric helicopters with single servo collective (mCCPM). Starting with bench setup, building tips, then field tuning; step-by-step instruction.

Volume 4-5: Helicopters 101-1001 focuses on the tools, theory, and equipment needed to perfect your hobby.

Volume 6: Blade Building & Balancing outlines 4 methods for perfecting blade balance. From simple drinking glasses to advanced balance tools, this series is a must-have for a perfectly smooth flight.

Volume 7-9: Electric + eCCPM features electric helicopters with 3 servo collective (eCCPM). Starting with bench setup, building tips, then field tuning, understand the "whys" behind model helicopters.

Volume 10-12: Electric + eCCPM features nitro helicopters with 3 servo collective (eCCPM). Starting with bench setup, building tips, then field tuning, this series will get you from a new kit to the first flight in a jiffy.

Let's Autorotate! after forward flight, it's time to learn Autorotations! This series covers nitro and electric helicopters, as well as driven and non-driven tail rotors.

Flybarless Helicopters makes the transition to flybarless helicopters simple. Covering Align's 3G and Mikado's Vbar systems, and a variety of ESC systems, this extended series removes the complexities of flybarless systems.

Shop & Field Companion (Paperback) generally referred to as "The Model Helicopter Bible" this tome of model helicopter knowledge travels with you from the bench to the field. The Works includes the paperback version of the Shop & Field Companion.


  • T-Rex 450
  • T-Rex 600N
  • Raptor 50
  • Futaba 10C
  • Specktrum DX6 & DX7
  • JR 9303
  • Engine Break-in
  • LiPo Battery Care
  • All Building Tips
  • All Bench Setup
  • All Flight Trimming

Thanks for Wonderful Series

Thank you for making this wonderful video series. I purchased a Raptor 50 Thunder Tiger SE kit and was very thankful that someone took the time to explain how to put this helicopter together. If it wasn't for your videos I would have made several errors which would have cost me time and money.
This past Sunday I took the Helicopter to the flying field and had an "expert" look it over. He was impressed with the helicopter's smoothness of operation and after a few minor adjustments to the Gyro we were flying it. It took a total time of about ten minutes from looking it over to a hands off hover. Too Cool! Again, thank you very much.

John Anderson

Learn something new each time!

I purchased the complete DVD Series and the latest Shop and Field Guide. This is the most complete and informative DVD series I have ever watched. Also, the new Shop & Field Companion is absolutely awesome. I have watched the DVD's over and over again and learn something new each time. This is just like having an instructor by your side. I am absolutely glad I purchased this series. No R/C Helicopter enthusiast should be without the DVD series or the book...
Great work; thanks again. Mike

Michael Kidd

No more secrets!

At the beginning, many heli issues and behaviors were a secret, only explained and fixed by advanced guys. Now I can build my own kits reliably and I can expect professional performance out of them. Ray's DVDs must be included in all heli kits sold!

Mauricio Garcia