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Nitro + mCCPM

Volumes 1-3
3 DVD set

Mandatory viewing of you have a "classic" Raptor 30, Raptor 50, or Raptor 90! This series covers the Raptor's unique mCCPM collective system. We discuss everything from transmitter theory, to bench setup, to flight trimming!

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Volume 1-3: Nitro Helicopters & mCCPM features a Raptor 50 helicopter and a JR 9303 radio. We cover transmitter theory, setup, and flight trimming for a Nitro/Glow helicopter that features mCCPM (Raptor 50 type helicopter).

Mandatory viewing if you have a Raptor 30, Raptor 50, or Raptor 90. The "Classic" Raptor series is about the only helicopter commercially available that features mCCPM, meaning the collective is driven by a single servo, and the cyclic mixing is done mechanically, not electronically.

Disk #1 shows the complete transmitter setup for JR's 9303 radio, but the information is applicable to ANY radio! You have to understand that all radios are essentially the same; the terminology and menus are just a little different.

Disk #2 shows the bench setup. It's where we finalize all the preliminary steps that were done on Disk #1 with our mCCPM heli.

Disk #3 shows the flight trimming. This is not meant to teach you how to fly (that's what a simulator is for!), but it shows how to go from a machine that's never been flown to one that's perfectly trimmed out!


  • "Classic" Raptor 50
  • JR 9303 Radio
  • Transmitter Theory
  • Bench Setup
  • Flight Trimming
  • Single Servo mCCPM
  • Nitro Engine Tuning


  • 3 DVDs
  • 2 Fold Insert
  • 3h:35m Runtime
  • Global Format
  • Chapter List

Helped So Much

I already have your book,'Rays Authoritative Helicopter Manual' and 'Rays Authoritative DVD Series Vol 1-3'. They have helped me so much and have easily paid for themselves ten times over. I would recommend them to anyone who's into RC heli's. In fact, I think that they should be compulsory reading! Many thanks.

Mike Moore

Very impressed

I want to tell you how impressed I am with the DVDs. I was pretty sure I was going to buy them anyway, but after emailing you, I was very impressed with your knowledge and ability to relate it to a novice like myself. I've really just watched the entire DVD set once, and have gone back a few times when I have gotten stuck. As a novice, I know the helix will now fly, but I'm going to continue doing all those tedious little things and make sure it's right and will probably wear out the DVDs (or at least my DVD player) before I'm done.
Thanks again.

Paul Adiamo


I can't stop watching your DVD's. I sat down with you and set up my TX and am now building the helicopter with you, so a huge THANK YOU! This is my first Helicopter after 17 years of fixed wing, and I would be lost with out your DVD's. I fly mode 2 and the local heli guys are not keen to help me unless I switch to mode 1. Oh well, time to prove them wrong! :)

Jeremy Caesar