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Nitro + eCCPM

Volumes 10-12
3 DVD set

Mandatory viewing if you have any type of a nitro helicopter that has three servo collective (eCCPM). Using Futaba's 10C radio, Ray walks you through everything from transmitter theory, to bench setup, to flight trimming!

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Volume 10-12: Nitro Helicopters & eCCPM features the T-Rex 600N and Futaba 10C radio. We cover transmitter theory, setup, and flight trimming for a Nitro/Glow helicopter that features eCCPM (T-Rex 600N type helicopter).

Disk #1 shows the complete transmitter setup for Futaba's 10C 2.4 GHz radio, but the information is applicable to ANY radio! You have to understand that all radios are essentially the same; the terminology and menus are just a little different.

Disk #2 shows the bench setup. It's where we finalize all the preliminary steps that were done on Disk #1.

Disk #3 shows the flight trimming. This is not meant to teach you how to fly (that's what a simulator is for!), but it shows how to go from a machine that's never been flown to one that's perfectly trimmed out! And we prove it by getting a "young gun" to wring out the machine on the fourth and fifth flights!


  • T-Rex 600N
  • Futaba 10C Radio
  • Transmitter Theory
  • Bench Setup
  • Flight Trimming
  • 3-servo eCCPM


Learned So Much

I received my copy of Ray's Authoritative DVD Series: TX Theory, Bench Setup, and Flight Trimming (Volumes 1-3) today and have already started to watch the first DVD. I have already learnt more in 30 minutes than 2 years of stuffing around. Thanks for the fast postage and the great DVDs.

Jason Weaver

Your videos have filled the gap

It's not often I feel the need to write an email to compliment the author of a book or DVD on something, but in this case I really "feel the need." I have been flying fixed wing for a few years now, but I originally got into RC to fly helicopters, which I started to do about six months ago, but I have to admit that learning to fly one was difficult enough, but getting to grips with transmitter setup and mechanical setup was a real headache. Anyway, I heard about your DVD's from a friend and bought the complete collection from my local RC shop here in the UK. I have watched them about 3 times now and even refer back to them when in need.

Neil Cheshire

Informative and Easy

I really enjoyed the DVD's. They were very informative and easy understanding. The best thing for me is both my chopper and TX is same as in your Series. The only thing I have radio controlled before this is my garage door opener. Have been flying the chopper for three months now, but now it's time to start over and get things right. Everything makes much more sense now. Hope your efforts pay off!!!

Tommy Quevedo