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Flybarless Helicopters

Volumes 15-18
4 DVD set

Featuring two flybarless systems; Align & Mikado Vbar, Volumes 15-18 will familiarize you with the major flybarless systems. From setup on the computer to setup on the helicopter, you'll see a step-by-step approach to setting up one of the newest innovations in model helicopters.

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Volume 15-18: Flybarless Helicopters features the T-Rex 550e flybarless helicopter and the Spektrum DX8 radio. It not only features the Align 3G flybarless system, but it also features a second machine with the Mikado Vstabi 5.1 flybarless system. In addition to the stock Align power system, we also show the Castle Creations ICE 100 ESC coupled with the Scorpion 4025 1100kv motor.

V15 starts with an overview of the Align and Vbar flybarless systems, then dives into the Spektrum 2.4 GHz radio. The radio information is applicable to ANY five or seven point radio! You have to understand that all radios are essentially the same; the terminology and menus are just a little different.

V16 covers a myriad of building tips with the 550e, then goes through the Align 3G setup.

V17 begins with the Scorpion motor, then covers the Castle Creations ICE 100 ESC. This power system is then integrated into the 550e with the Mikado 5.1 Vbar system, and all of the setup steps (including the Vbar governor) are shown.

V18 shows the flight trimming of both machines (in FIVE different configurations). This is not meant to teach you how to fly (that's what a simulator is for!), but it shows how to go from a machine that's never been flown to one that's perfectly trimmed out! Afterwards, we prove it by letting Kyle Dahl fly both machines! Kyle's flying skills are amazing!


  • Align's 550e Flybarless Helicopter
  • Stock Align Motor and ESC
  • Castle Creations' ICE 100 ESC
  • Scorpion's 4250 1100kv Motor
  • Spektrum's DX8 Radio
  • Align's 3G Flybarless System
  • Mikado's Vbar Flybarless System


Thanks A Lot!

Ray, I just got into helis. I purchased the 9303 from JR and was needing a lot of help and then I found your DVD series. Thanks a lot!

Joe Smith

So helpful!

I already have your book,'Rays Authoritative Helicopter Manual' and 'Rays Authoritative DVD Series Vol 1-3'. They have helped me so much and have easily paid for themselves ten times over. I would recommend them to anyone who's into RC heli's. In fact, I think that they should be compulsory reading! Many thanks.

Mike Moore

No more secrets!

At the beginning, many heli issues and behaviors were a secret, only explained and fixed by advanced guys. Now I can build my own kits reliably and I can expect professional performance out of them. Ray's DVDs must be included in all heli kits sold!

Mauricio Garcia