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Helicopters 101-1001

Volumes 4-5
2 DVD set

The two disks cover flight theory, tools, field equipment, and building tips. Helicopters 101-1001 is a must have for anyone getting into model helicopters.
(Primarily Nitro, but building tips are applicable to all helicopters)

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Volume 4-5: Helicopters 101-1001 features building tips with a Raptor 50 helicopter. We cover basic flight theory, engine break-in, tools, field equipment, and how to build a helicopter with tender loving care!

Don't have a clue how a model helicopter actually flies? Volume 4-5 will explain it all to you! If you have a nitro helicopter, volume four will show you how to break in your engine so you'll have perfect confidence when you go out to fly for the first time.

Want to know what equipment you'll need? Volume 4 will show you all the tools you'll need to build your helicopter (glow and electric), then everything you'll need for the flying field (for nitro/glow helicopter support).

Want to know how to build a helicopter with tender loving care? Volume 5 shows you how. While Volume 5 uses a nitro helicopter for the demonstration, the building steps are the same no matter what type of power you use (nitro or electric).


  • Raptor 50
  • Basic Flight Theory
  • Nitro Engine Break-In
  • Shop & Tool Breakdown
  • Building Tips
  • Tender Loving Care!


  • 2 DVDs
  • 2 Fold Insert
  • 2h:55m Runtime
  • Global Format
  • Chapter List

RC Heli flying made easy!

You saw the gap in the market that the world's potential RC Heli flyers were waiting for. Even today, people are still buying your DVD series. What will the future bring? Broadband, flight sims, and your brilliant instructional technique all combined into one? Now there's a thought!
Thanks for your help, Ray.

Luke Ashley

Technical and Complete

I believe these R/C series are a great tool for R/C beginners (also, of course, for intermediate and advanced R/C heli enthusiasts) as myself. I already bought your series volumes 7, 8 and 9 and I am absolutely impressed by them and I began to understand many issues that were mysterious for me, because they are explained in a very technical, complete, yet the easy and gentle manner of yours.

Jose Rivadeneira

All I Expected

I received my DVD's (V4-6) yesterday. Thank you for the fast order processing. They are as I would have expected. Even though I have your "Ray's Authoritative Helicopter Manual" the DVD's are WORTH Ten Thousand Written Words! Thank you for the professional and precise explanations you convey utilizing and applying the processes. You have amazed me as a viewer and student. The DVD's are worth every penny. I get to spend a snow day and watch them. I already watched "Building & Balancing Rotor Blades" last night. I learn something every time I watch them. I have all six volumes now! Keep them coming! Thanks Again...

Jim Wellman