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Rotor Blade Building & Balancing

Volume 6
1 DVD set

Do you really believe that a set of blades that are mass-produced are really perfect? Say... I have some land I'd like to sell you! I'll take you through 4 unique processes to get your blades in perfect balance!

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Volume 6: Rotor Blade Building & Balancing features: Four different types of balancing methods for any type of helicopter; from small electric machines to larger nitro/glow powered ships. Also covers rotor blade building for those of you who'd like to use the wooden rotor blades that came in your kit.

Now it is true that some composite (fiberglass or carbon fiber) blades are pretty close. But I've seen some that were WAY off, too. The only way to be sure if your blades are balanced is to check them yourself, then balance the rotor head as a complete unit!

If you balance your blades and head according to the methods shown in V6, any vibration in the machine is NOT a rotor blade/rotor head balance issue!


  • Balance Theory
  • Wood Blade Building
  • Composite Blade Balancing
  • 4 Blade Balancing Methods
  • Spanwise & Chordwise CG Made Simple


  • 1 DVD
  • 1 Fold Insert
  • 1h:45m Runtime
  • Global Format
  • Chapter List

Thanks for making RC heli flying fun.

I want to thank you for your Book and DVD series. Eighteen months ago my son and I built a Raptor 50 by following the instruction manual that came with the aircraft and some "helpful tips" from some guys at the field. We finally got it flying "ok" but never great. Well, we sold that and bought an Align T-Rex 600, but this time, before we started building, we spent almost three weeks reading your book from cover-to-cover and going through every DVD (sometimes twice) to make sure we knew how to build the second ship right. We did EVERYTHING you recommended, including buying the Koll Rotor Pro balancer. A LOT of tender loving care went into this aircraft.
Well, this evening our heli made its maiden flight and it was UNBELIEVABLE. It was incredibly smooth and rock steady. Where the Raptor was frustrating, to fly this was pure joy. I would put this heli up against any other in the club when it comes to silky smooth flying.
Thanks for making RC heli flying fun.
God bless,

Terri Sipantzi

Would Have Given Up

Just wanted to let you know that I recieved your Blade Building & Balancing DVD in the mail and to say thanks. Not only for the great service, but for producing such an informative & invaluable DVD series (I also have the electric heli DVD). I am relatively new to the sport, I'm a hands on kinda guy, and through your teachings you have helped me understand the intricacies required to build & learn how to fly R/C helicopters. Honestly mate, I would have give up before I even got started if not for this excellent series.

Anthony Caban

You Got Me Hooked!

I'm now hooked on helis. Your thorough explanations of helicopter mechanics, electrics and transmitter setup was exactly what I was looking for. I've just completed a T-Rex SE V2 (my first eCCPM heli). It's winter here in Illinois, but I just couldn't wait to spin it up. I've got a 10x12 area in my living room so I decided to "go for it." Hovers great! I know you wouldn't recommend "living room testing" but I had to do it! (To the newbies--I had practiced on a simulator). I can't wait till the warm weather is here!

Paul Wilewski