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Electric + eCCPM

Volumes 7-9
3 DVD set

That little 450 sized electric helicopter sure is cute, isn't it? It is also a full-fledged machine; it isn't a toy! Volume 7-9 is your guide to electric helicopters (with flybar) of ALL sizes!

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Volume 7-9: Electric Helicopters & eCCPM features a T-Rex 450 helicopter and Spektrum DX7 radio. We cover general electric theory, LiPo battery care, electric heli building tips, bench setup and flight trimming.

If you've got a kit, you're going to need to know how to set it up. If you've got something pre-built and ready to fly, you're going to have to know how to fix it if (when) you crash!

Disk #1 gives a thorough introduction to electric helicopters. Learn how LiPo batteries are named. Learn how to solder. Disk 1 also shows some general building tips.

Disk #2 shows the complete transmitter setup for Spektrum's DX6 and DX7 radio, but the information is applicable to ANY radio! You have to understand that all radios are essentially the same; the terminology and menus are just a little different.

Disk #3 shows the bench setup and the flight trimming. This is not meant to teach you how to fly (that's what a simulator is for!), but it shows how to go from a machine that's never been flown to one that's perfectly trimmed out!


  • Electric Theory
  • LiPo Battery Care
  • Specktrum DX6 & DX7
  • T-Rex 450
  • Building Tips
  • Bench Setup
  • Flight Trimming


I am pleased!

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with your DVD Series. I have wanted to get into R/C helicopters for some time, but living in a town with not one hobby shop makes this difficult. Of course, there is always a trip to Las Vegas, 2 hours away, but that makes learning a costly proposition. My wife got me your latest DVD (V7-9) for Christmas, ...and I'm now the proud owner of a T-Rex 450 SE V2. Being in the video production business, I must say that your accomplishments in aviation, R/C helicopters, commercial DV cameras and video editing are quite an achievement indeed. Your instruction, presentation, and editing is very professional and informative. I would not have the level of understanding in this knowledge-intensive hobby as I do after watching your Electric Helicopters & eCCPM DVD. Of course, I still have questions that I'm sure will be answered with experience, but I could have not gotten started without your DVD. Great job and looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Ray Forbes

Mentor was impressed!

I originally bought the full set of DVDs just after I started heli flying six months ago. I showed it to my mentor, who has been flying for some 20 odd years, and he was so impressed that he stripped his Raptor 30 and rebuilt it completely. All our heli's (8 in total) are now set up to your specs. I am giving three of the books to friends. Thank you for the time and effort in making this hobby such a joy. Only people like yourself that share knowledge can grow in further knowledge. Keep up the good work!

Ernst Heydenrych


Just received your Electric Helicopter and eCCPM 3-disk DVD Series and wanted to give you some feedback..WOW..!!!!
I am new to the hobby and am building the 450SE and purchased a new DX7 just before I purchased the DVD series and your materials are REALLY MAKING A DIFFERENCE..!!
They are "filling-in the holes" of my knowledge, as well as stuff that others either don't know themselves, or don't have the time (or patience) to explain.
The Set-Up section is especially helpful - I've always heard people say, "Get the Mechanical Setup right, then everything else is easy." - Fine, but what's involved..??!! Your instructional DVD's answer that, and demonstrate it very clearly - it was Crystal to me, but the ability to use it as my "New Model Checklist" will prove to be very useful in the future (I've even put the video on my iPhone, so I have easy - anywhere - access in case I need to review it while on the flying field (it's also my way of demo'ing your DVD series to others)..
Again - thanks Ray for the help..!!!
God bless you, my friend..

Mike Lee